Oats with Cottage Cheese

Before I start with this recipe…some side marks to it. This is one of our favourite breakfasts, it serves you with the right energy for the day….we have several versions and depending on what we are going to do on exercises or we already did the amounts varies. Therefore I will jsut write down the base ingredients then the different “toppings” and for yourself you should define the amount of each ingredient to your wishes as well as the combination.



  • Base:
    • Oats (soaked in water optional – can be done fast in the microwave)
    • Cottage Cheese
  • “Toppings”- chose your combination:
    • additional soy joghurt / other joghurt
    • apple (minced)
    • blueberries or rasberries
    • nuts&raisins
    • cinnamon
    • cocoa powder unsweetend
    • honey/ maple syrup
    • cocoa nibs


  • mix the oats with cottage cheese and eventually the soyjoghurt together and place everything in the microwave for 1 -2 min depens on ur wishes as well as u need to experiment a bit with your mixture
  • add your “toppings” and amybe put in the microwave again or eat it right away

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