Calzone from the different kind

Everyone likes Pizza/Calzone, but it is not always the healthiest thing to eat…..for me as well I can not eat cheese so every Pizza is kind of ruined without any chesse in my eyes….. there are some cheese types I can eat and that is what we used….and to make the dough a different experience we used chickpeaflour for a change….if u want to keep the pizza dough more close to original use normal white flour.

Ingredients (4 servings- each around 700 kcal:

  • 200 g chickpeaflour
  • 100g white flour
  • 1 package instant yeast
  • 120 ml water (if u use just white flour less water..start with 75 ml but u might need to add if the dough gets to dry)
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 egg
  • 400 g Cottage Cheese
  • 200g Parmesan
  • CherrryTomatoes
  • Spinach (fresh)
  • Pepper


  • Prepare the dough – the dough needs to rest/rise so plan in time !!!!!!!!
  • for the dough combine the yeast with the water, which should be luke warm
  • combine the flours,water/yeast, egg and oil in a bowl a form a dough – the dough should be slightly sticky
  • place the dough in a bowl and cover the bowl with a dam towel – preferrably place the bowl in a warm surrounding and let him rise for the next 30 min – 1h (or even longer if u prepare the dough maybe before ur workout..)
  • when the dough increased in size take him out of the bowl, knead him a few more times on a serface which had been slightly floured – make 4 balls – preheat the oven to 180°C
  • roll out each ball not to thin not to thick
  • on each piece of dough you place 100g of cottage cheese on one half of the dough (leave the border of the circle free)
  • on top u place the spinach, cherry tomatoes, pepper and thin slices of the cheese
  • bend the other half of the dough which is not covered over and press the dough site together
  • add some more parmesan on top of the calzone
  • repeat the same procedure with the other 3 balls of dough
  • place each piece on an oven sheet which should be covered by a baking sheet
  • bake in the oven for 25-30 min until they are slightly brown
  • Enjoy!!!



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