This blog is about recipes Elte and I cook daily, weekly and monthly in our kitchen. They are delicious but still healthy. We love to cook with fresh vegetables, fruits and other good ingredients we can find.

Ourselves we cook mainly vegetarian so you will find lots of tofu, tempeh or other vegetarian stuff in these blog, fill free to replace them with meat or fish.

As well as we like to use for baking protein powder or honey for sweetening, that may not be in everyones interest, but that is the way we do it, but also that you can replace with your “better” choice.

Additionally as I mentioned already we do LOTS of sports so our calorie burn might be higher than yours , so take this in concideration and made adjust your recipe amount wise.

Feel free to leave us a comment under a recipe you like or send an Email to solveig-cunis@hotmail.de