Ingredients (2 serving – each around 690 kcal): 60 g Brown rice 180 Vegetarian chicken pieces 10g Honey 1 medium bell pepper 300g Cherry tomatoes 1 RomanaSla 60 g Cashew 250g Frozen or fresh pineapple 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp soy sauce pepper Procedure: cook the brown rice in a frying pan heat up … More AsianStyleSalad

Lettuce with potatoe

Ingredients( 2 big servings/ 4 small servings) Lettuce Olives (1 glas) 4 potatoes (cooked) Bell pepper (1) 2 boiled eggs Almonds  (minced, 60 g)  1 onion Dressing:  1 tablespoon vinegar  1 tablespoon oil  1 tablespoon mustard pepper Procedure: cut everything together mix it in a big bowl with the dressing