Ingredients ( 2 smoothies of around 300-400ml and around 300 kcal: 60g soaked oats 2 teaspoon nutbutter ( peanut/cashew/almond/pistachio) 1 scoop protein powder 100g soy joghurt/ normal joghurt optional: cocoapowder, cinnamon , fruits Procedure: give everything into a blender and add water not to much otherwise the smoothie will not be creamy enough find your … More BreakfastSmoothie


Ingredients ( you might need to play with the ingredients a bit to find your preferred mix): 6- 8 pieces frozen kale 6 -8 pieces frozen spinach frozen blueberries and /or mango or other fruits ( not to many though ;)) 20 ml lemon juice ginger cocoa powder unsweetend (1 tablespoon) 1 scoop protein powder … More PowerDrink